B Hotel is now Pet-Friendly

Who here gets separation anxiety whenever you have to leave your pet at home? I've always been that crazy pet mom who wants to bring her pets with her everywhere. I have a dog named Bunny and a cat named Blue. They mean the world to me, I treat them as if they were my own children. They both sleep beside me on my bed but I've been traveling so much that I don't get to spend as much time with my pets as I want to. When I'm in Manila, I usually just bring them to the village park because there's nowhere else to go. It took some time but I'm glad to see that there are some places Manila that are now pet-friendly. There are some malls and now hotels have opened their doors to our beloved pets- B Hotel in Quezon City is one of them!

Welcome treats for Blue

B Hotel threw an event in honor of fur babies. This was Blue's very first event and her first staycation too.

"Mommy where am I?"
She came out to play with Jacob
In the event, they gave a seminar on how fur parents can better take care of their fur babies
Met this cute service dog who was helping out his dog pal navigate around

Our first decent photo all together! Blue is smiling
Thank you B Hotel for accommodating us!

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