Mount Purro Nature Reserve

A touching story about a couple's love for the environment

Meet Toto and Baby Malvar. (The ones in the photo above) I met them during my stay at Mount Purro Nature Reserve last weekend. They are the founders of the place. When I got the invitation to blog about the forest farm eco-retreat, I agreed right away because I wanted some quiet time away from the city. (Who would turn down a free vacation, right?) I thought it was just a normal place to layoff outside of the city. Little did I know that this place was more than that.

Toby and I were having breakfast when Toto sat down and joined us. This was my first time to meet him but I already knew a little about him because his photos were framed on the walls of the reserve. The photo that interested me the most was the one of Miguel Malvar together with Jose Rizal. I asked him about it right away. He explained, "Miguel Malvar is my grand father. He was part of the Philippine Revolution. He was a Katipunero." He  continued to share more stories until he brought up the history behind Mount Purro. He bought the property way back in the 90's. Mount Purro is situated at the top of the hill with a lake in the middle. It used to be just a plain forest until the Malvar's transformed it into a reserve. Now, the lake supplies water to the surrounding neighbourhood. They also planted many trees and plants to avoid landslides and flooding from happening during typhoons. The reserve is an essential part of the eco-system in Antipolo. Originally, Toto wanted to keep the place to himself but after a couple of years, he decided to open the place to the public to share its beauty with the world. I'm glad that he did because I would have never been able to see it for myself. 

Getting There
Mount Purro Nature Reserve is located in Antipolo. By car, it took us around two hours. We just followed Waze. We had no problems at all. 

Rooms and Accommodations
All rooms are non-airconitioned but you won't even notice because it's breezy and cool. (You are up in the mountains.) Toby and I stayed at their Suite Home. They also have cottages for bigger groups. Price ranges from P2,800 to P3,800. For more details, click here.

The Suite Home costs P3,800 per night. This already includes snacks, dinner and breakfast.

I'm all about the food! There's nothing like home cooked meals. You just know that it's made with love. I would go back here just to eat. There are no nearby restaurants from the reserve but you don't have to worry because you won't go hungry. Baby, Toto's wife, will personally cook for you. She loves to feed people and well, I love to eat. It's a match made in heaven. 

Quesadillas for merienda

Our dinner spread just for two. We felt bad because we had so much left over food. 

Antipolo is known for the fried suman but in Mount Purro, they added their own twist. This is fried tikoy. 

Breakfast is served

Singing, gising-gising and fish for lunch

Facilities and Activities
Mount Purro Nature Reserved was used as a campsite by Camp Explore. When you go around, you will see activities for team building. There's also a pool. If you venture out of the reserve, there's a lagoon and waterfalls just one to two hours away by foot. 

My Thoughts
I can't wait to go back here but this time, I want to bring my whole family. The place is ideal for a big group of people. There's not much to do but relax. Also, there is no phone signal or wireless connection so you can't use your gadgets. Yup, this is the place to go if you want to escape for a little while because there are no distractions here. You'll have the time to think and rejuvenate. 

Thank you for having me!

Mount Purro Nature Reserve
Address: Purok 5, Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City, Philippines
Contact Number: (0998) 561 2815
Email Address:


  1. Hi! We are planning to take a day trip in that place and will be bringing a car. May I know if the bridges we are going to pass are made from steel, wooden or those are cemented? Thanks!

    1. Bridge over not-so-troubled water ang tawag nila dyan.

  2. how to reserve for 12 pax kaya if day tour? Huhu di kasi sila nagrereply ang mga contact number hindi macontact