Capturing Life's Best with my Honor 10

I think now is the perfect time to travel. Everything is so accessible--- flights are reasonably priced, there are so many options for lodging and all the information you need to know is found in the world wide web. The saying "If you can dream it, you can do it." is so true! You don't have to be rich to see destinations that you've only imagined; you just have to be smart and resourceful. I use my savings to be able to travel out of the country. I've been around Asia, Australia, America, and I just booked a trip to Europe for next year! My bank account isn’t fully loaded but I was able to go to these places through determination. None of these trips were sponsored. This is why I enjoy taking photos of every little thing when I travel. The photos serve as a reminder of my hardwork. It’s like, “Hey I wouldn’t be able to get to this place if I didn’t work for it!”

Mount Mayon
I always bring my Honor10 phone with me whenever I travel because the AI camera has a 24MP + 16 MP dual lens. It’s able to pinpoint the outlines of various surrounding objects no matter where you are. Both the rear and front camera supports 3D face recognition which is why your facial features are always sharp. No need to Facetune the photos after.
Here it recognized the background as Landscape
On Portrait Mode, it produces an amazing bokeh effect
It's so lightweight that you can bring it both to the beach and the mountains or really anywhere you want to!

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