My Lookbook in Penthouse by the Bay

Did you know that most fashion bloggers started their career on Lookbook? If you aren't familiar with the website, it's a fashion forum created in San Francisco where men and women would post their outfits. This was pre Instagram and Tumblr days. How it works is when you post a photo, users can choose to click the hype button (which is another way of saying like) or you can click on the the fan button (which is exactly like clicking follow on Instagram). 

Looking back at my awkward 16 year old self who had no idea what my style was. I would spend hours of my day scrolling through the pages of Lookbook to find inspiration. This was where I first discovered Daniela Ramirez of NanysKlozet, Jessica of Happatime, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and even local blogger Laureen Uy. Their Lookbook fans followed them when they transitioned to their own website, fashion label, and even TV show. It's crazy how powerful the internet is!

So for today's entry, I'm giving you old school Lookbook vibes.


Location: The Penthouse by the Bay 
Bottom: Custom Made
Shoes: Comfit Shoes
Earrings: Stage Chic
Bag: Lady Bag MNL

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