Just One Night in Seminyak

 Our last stop on our Bali trip was in Seminyak. This town is a favorite among tourists because it's where most of the bars are located. This is similar to the Philippine's Boracay. There are a row of restaurants and bars by the beach.

La Plancha

Potato Head


 Since it was just Jacob and I, we weren't interested in partying but we still wanted to go to Seminyak to check it out. Honestly, I wasn't at all impressed. The food was bad and it was overpriced. The drinks were mediocre. I would skip Seminyak and just spend more time in the other towns instead. The only thing that I did enjoy was our boutique hotel, Tijii Seminyak.



Additional Tip:

We had time to kill before our flight so we went to Jimbaran. We got a massage or what the Balinese call as "Mandi Lulur" in The Calma Spa. It's a two-hour massage where you start with a relaxing massage, followed by an exfoliation scrub, then they pour warm milk polish over you and then you end it by drinking tea in a bathtub filled with rose petals. It was an amazing experience. I'm still daydreaming of it now. Afterwards we had went to one of Jimbaran's most expensive resorts, Ayana Resort and Spa for cocktails. We watched the sunset while toasting our glasses of wine. It was the perfect ending to our trip.

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