Where To Stay in Bali: The Chillhouse in Canggu

Here's the third part of my four part Bali series. 
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Since it was my first time in Bali, I squeezed in as many places to go in a short amount of time. I left no time for rest. We were just hopping from one place to the other. After Ubud and Nusa Penida, we made our way to Canggu which is my favorite village. It has so much character. There are so many quaint boutique shops on the streets, the number of cafes are infinite, and the food was heavenly. Our tour guide said that most of the people in the area were from Australia or America. They left their homes and migrated to Bali to put up a store, restaurant or cafe. During the day, they spend their time surfing then come afternoon, they go back to run their business. That's the life! Not everyone likes the hustle and bustle of the city life. It does take a toll. There are those who would rather wake up next to the beach every day and live in a slower paced atmosphere.

When I do come back, I will make sure to spend more time in Canggu.

Where To Stay

There were so many great choices in Canggu. The resorts were of quality and affordable. It was difficult to choose. We ended up going with The Chillhouse Canggu. It stood out because of their amenities. Aside from the very picturesque color scheme, they have a pool, a vegetarian cafe, and they offer daily yoga sessions. We got a Deluxe Room for two pax. Rates start at IDR 1,180,000. Each room's theme is different from the other. Ours was a black and white motif with a terrace and an outdoor shower. 


Cassava Bali

We didn't have to go far to look for good food. Their in-house restaurant Cassava Bali served the best vegetarian meals. You wouldn't think that there was no meat in it. Jacob really loved it because he was vegan before. I was the one who made him convert back to being an omnivore because I would always complain that I had no one to eat with.


 Around Canggu

The Lawn

Drinks by the beach


Betelnut Cafe

Home of the best smoothie bowls
Tanah Lot Temple

La Laguna 

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