5 Best Finds in Mumuso

Your money can go a long way if you know where to score the best deals. Now that I am 25 and I work hard for every peso that I earn, I have learned to be a smart shopper. I follow two principles: (1) Only buy what you need; (2) Choose quality over quantity. I try my best to stay away from sales because you get tempted to buy things just because they come out cheap without really thinking about the quality. I generally do my research before buying an item to make sure I am getting my money's worth. I discovered Mumuso back in 2017 and it has been one of my go to shopping places ever since. They were brought in by a Korean Company. It is similar to a department store because they carry so many items from different brands. You can find kitchenware, storage, electronics, beauty products and even women's clothes. I always check Mumuso first for what I need and if they don't have it, that is the only time that I look at other stores. I trust the quality of the brand so why will I need to look elsewhere? Also, it doesn't hurt that the price tag is well within my budget. I paid a visit over the weekend and treated myself to a mini shopping haul. I listed below my five best finds.

1. iPhone/ Android Cable Chargers

2.  White Shoes Cleaner & Whitener Kit

This was such a steal at Php99. Shoe cleaners usually cost around Php500 and above

3. Lint Roller

4. Face Mask Conveniently Compressed

You just dip the face mask in the water and it expands
5. Hair Removal Cream

Aside from these items, you can find so many other cool finds while browsing through the other sections. I stayed in the Skin Care Section the longest. Koreans sure know how to take care of their skin. You can build your own 10-Step Korean Skincare line while shopping here. Most of their products are made in China which is why the prices are relatively cheaper than in anywhere else but that doesn't mean the quality is sacrificed. All products are FDA approved and go through a rigorous screening process.

Skin Care Section

Home Section
Bathroom Section
Electronics Section
Make Up Section


  1. feel ko talaga nalibot mo na ako sa mumuso. thank you sa informations ate kally

  2. Ang cucute ng stuff nila dyan. Kakagaling ko lang sa Mumuso sa Ayala Malls cloverleaf last Saturday, was looking for set of silicone brush and bowl for DIY mask kaso out-of-stock pa din. 😅

    1. Try other branches! Baka they have stock in the others. :)

  3. �� some of our pillows and home slippers are from mumuso ❤️ since my father are in korea he recommend mumuso and other stores with “-so” ��