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Taipei is one of my favorite destinations in Asia. It's so easy and convenient to go to. Filipinos don't need a VISA to enter as of now. (You have up to July 31 2018 to enjoy a VISA free trip!) The food reminds me of Hong Kong but a lot cheaper. They have all cuisines but their street food is still the best. Also, the shopping selection is great. They have luxury stores and wholesale fashion markets. You only need to travel two hours to get there which is practically the same amount of time you spend inside the car when it's payday on a Friday night. 

This was my second time in Taipei but I got to do so many new things. I didn't need to spend hours researching and making an itinerary. I just chose among the tours offered by KKday. Here are the ones I chose:

1. Taipei Taoyuan International Airport Roundtrip Transfer

First things first, book your airport transfer ahead of time. I never rely on getting an airport taxi because they charge you double the price especially if your flight arrives during peak hours. Our flight was late at night and we arrived Taipei early morning with barely any sleep. It's a good thing our driver was there waiting for us as soon as we landed. We just hopped in the car and went straight to the hotel.

2. Volando Urai Indoor Spring Spa & Resort with Set Meal

Our first day was Jacob's 26th birthday. I wanted him to spend his birthday relaxing because he has been extra stressed from work. I booked us a date in Volando Urai. Taipei is known for well known their hot springs. He didn't believe me when I said that it has many health benefits. To name a few, it improves blood circulation, reduces stress,  and promotes sleep. After spending an hour in the hot spring bath, Jacob instantly felt rejuvenated. We ended the day with a delicious 5-course meal prepared by the resort.

Volando Urai offers a shuttle to the resort. You just have to meet them in the Xindian Station for pick up. Call the resort to reserve a slot on the shuttle bus.

Volando is  a 5-star Luxury Resort
Jacob's Steak

3. Day Tour to Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen

For our second day, we explored Northern Taiwan, the home of many natural wonders. The day starts in Yehliu to see the geological formations. They call this "Mars on Earth." It was burning hot but it was fascinating to see the different rocks. Then we proceeded to Shifen which was my favorite part of the tour because we got to make a wish on a sky lantern. Our last stop was at the old town of Jiufen where the movie All of You was shot. (Yes, I'm a fan of Filipino movies!)

Yehliu Geopark

Shifen Waterfalls

Shifen Town
Traditional Xiao Long Bao

Chinese Sausage

On our last day, we visited the National Palace Museum. I had no idea it was that huge. It will take you more than a day to go through all the exhibits. I suggest you go as early as possible to get the most out of your ticket. The museum closes at 5 pm. KKday offers an express shuttle going straight to Taipei 101. This is where you can see the view of the city. Some people say it is better go to when the sun is out and bright but I prefer going later in the day because I love watching the sun come down.

Matched my outfit with the colors of the palace

5. Taiwan Unlimited Pocket Wifi 4G

In this day and age, Google Maps is your best friend when traveling. I depend on Google Maps to lead me where I need to go. I booked a portable wifi device instead of using my cellular data. I weighed out the costs and it came out cheaper. It's only Php140/ day vs. spending Php599/ day from your local network. You just pick up the device in the airport and return it where you got it.

My traveling necessities: Neck Pillow, Luggage Tag, Luggage Cover and Passport Holder all from Wanderskye
6. *Bonus Wanderskye Travel Necessities

Traveling is made easier by bringing your necessities. I never go on a trip without these items: 
a. Neck Pillow: It's so uncomfortable to sleep on the plane. I usually get a stiff neck because I can't find the right position. My neck pillow is a life saver.
b. Luggage Cover: I'm one of those people who is very paranoid that my luggage will get damage. Some airlines (I won't name which) don't take care of their cargo. My luggage cover protects my luggage. 
c. Passport Cover & Bag Tag: My mom was the one who told me to label all my items because it's so easy for people to mistaken their stuff as yours. Of course my passport cover and bag tag match. It's called #aesthetic. Lol!

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