What I Love About The Honor 10

 What do you look for in a phone? Being a blogger who spends most of her time in the car jumping from point A to point B or out at an event, I need a phone that can help me get my work done while on-the-go. When I'm stuck in traffic inside the car, I use my phone to reply to my emails. Then when I'm at event, I use my phone to take photos and videos. I also bring a lot of things with me- I usually have two bags filled with extra shoes, my make up kit, laptop, and camera. I need a phone that's lightweight and easy to carry. I've been looking for a phone that can suit all these needs. I'm glad I found the Honor 10. It's perfect for my lifestyle. It has everything I was looking for and more. See the extra features I just discovered below.

AI Feature 

It's my first time to own a phone with the AI feature. I had no prior knowledge on how it works. When you turn on the AI feature, it can detect the situation or subject you're taking-- be it a specific kind of landscape, the sky, your pet, food or the beach- automatically adjusting its settings to take that perfect photo. Curious about how this all works, I found out that the Honor 10 is able to do this because of its technology that allows the camera to recognize over 500 different kinds of scenarios and take that perfect shot without you needing to put a filter on the photo afterwards. This is all on top of the variety of shooting modes as well to select from.



The Honor 10 comes in two colors: Aurora Blue and Midnight Black. I chose the Aurora Blue because it fit my personality. It's fun, youthful and unique and it instantly catches your attention from afar.




Photo Quality 

I take all my photos for my blog and Instagram using my mirrorless camera. I prefer the quality of a camera over a phone but I was surprised that the Honor10's camera met my standards. It has great bokeh and different lighting settings. The Honor 10 also supports face recognition and really optimizes facial details to amazing accuracy and quality- which makes it a pretty awesome camera to take shots with friends.

Sample of a portrait phone using the Honor 10

High Performance 

I don't need to worry about the battery life. I charge it as soon as I woke up in the morning then it can last the whole day. I use it to take photos, reply to emails, and call up clients. Come evening, it still has half of its battery. There's no need to carry a bulky portable charger. Your trusty Honor 10 will last the whole day.

I discovered so much about the Honor 10 as I've been bringing it with me every day and I must say, it never fails in taking awesome photos for my daily content.

I can't wait to share more experiences with my Honor 10 with you!

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