The Magic of Siargao

I can easily say that Siargao is now my favorite place in the Philippines after spending six days there. Everyone has been constantly talking about how amazing it is and I thought it was just a hype but everything they said was true. Some of the locals that I met there were from Manila just like me. They went there for vacation and never booked a ticket back home. I was so close to extending my trip if only I didn't have an important meeting to attend to the next day. I went with my high school group and some of my college friends. It was the first time in years that we got to go out of town all together. Siargao was definitely the perfect place to go to. We got to do the tours, eat good food, drown in tequila and spend some quality time together. I'm already dreaming of the day I get to go back to the island in December. Yes, I loved it so much that I convinced my entire family to spend New Year's Eve there. I can't wait!

Places to See 

Sugba Lagoon

Island Hopping

My friends and I really enjoyed this day because we got to see not just one but three one-of-a-kind islands. From morning to sunset, we were surrounded by the vast water. It felt like it was ours because there were no people but us! 

Guyam Island

Daku Island

This was our lunch complete with fresh seafood, of course!

Naked Island

Magpupungko Tide Pools

If you're planning to visit the tide pools, be sure to go when it's low tide so you can see the rock formations and maybe just an off peak day. We went on a Sunday and it was crowded with people. We almost didn't see the beauty of the tide pools because there were people swarming all around. It was only when they left that we got to swim and enjoy it but the water was already rising then. There's not much to see when it's high tide because all the rocks get covered.

Look at that reflection

Me and my girls #nonewfriends

Cloud 9

From the name itself, you can understand why the place is called Cloud 9. This is where you go to surf but this is also where you see the most beautiful sunset of your life. The sky turns into cotton candy colors just like a painting. 

Things to Do 
Siargao is known as a surfing paradise but there are a ton of others things to do if you aren't into that. There are a lot of places that offer yoga classes too. But my number one suggestion is to EAT! All their restaurants were so good. It's a shame that I didn't get to eat in all. Most of the ones who live on the island are foreigners. They travelled from various places around the world to surf in Siargao. Since they frequent the island, they decided to put up business here. Most of them own restaurants and resorts which is why the food is authentic. I would recommend Kermit for the best truffle risotto and pizza, Mama's Grill for chorizo and blue marlin, and Barrel for vegetarian shawarma. Btw, they're open 24/7 if you get hungry late at night. What goes hand in hand with eating? Drinking. Do check out the bars and party! 

Acai Bowl from Shaka

Gnocchi from Kalinaw

Lapu-Lapu from Bravo 

 Enjoying my halo-halo from Harana

The best risotto from Kermit

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