A Field of Tulips in Abbotsford

Only got around to editing my Canada photos now--- starting with the day I spent surrounded by tulips in Abbotsford. If you asked me five years ago if I liked flowers, my answer would be NO. I never saw the point of giving someone something that would die in a couple of days. I honestly thought it was a waste of money. Why not just spend it on shoes or clothing which will last longer? Maybe it was just my economical way of thinking or being anti-romanic gestures. But look at me now, I guess I've grown softer because I am officially that girl who melts at the sight of any kind of flowers: roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, you name it. I've learned to appreciate its beauty and how receiving it can actually move you---sometimes to the point of tears. It is kind of incredible how giving someone flowers can instantly put a smile on someone's face, even if it's just for a couple of minutes or so, makes it worth it. After all, that should always be the goal in life, to make others happy.

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