How to Keep Cool in the Summer

Who's exited for summer?

Just scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I can tell that everyone is already enjoying summer.  I have been seeing more posts in the beach, men topless and women in swimwear. I can not wait for my upcoming beach trip to La Union next week. I will finally be able to wake up to the sound of the waves, feel the sun on my skin, and strut around in a teeny weeny bikini. The only thing I am dreading is the heat! I'm lucky that in my office, the aircon is on full blast. However, as soon as I step out of those doors, I instantly melt. It is a whopping 37 degrees on the average. A couple more degrees and you can fry an egg! Kidding aside. I've been looking for different ways to stay cool in this weather. 

Here's a few tips I have for you:

The Less Clothes, The Better
As much as possible, I like dresses because I feel the wind. I've been staying away from pants and jackets. 

Bring a Bottle of Water
Getting a heat stroke is no joke. You should always keep yourself hydrated wherever you go. 

Stay Protected with Sunblock
The sun is stronger during the summer which means it is most likely for your skin to get damaged. Never leave the house without applying on sunblock. Do remember to reapply every two hours when you are in direct contact with the sun. If you are just indoors, once a day should be good. 

Take a shower
I've been using Head and Shoulder's Lemon Fresh Shampoo to keep my head cool all day long. It smells good and it has a novel product technology that enables thorough and lasting cleaning. It can get very hot during the summer and with the intense combination of pollution and humidity, seasonal elements can take a toll on your scalp- causing things such as sweat, itch and dandruff. Head and Shoulder Lemon secret lies in the combination of advanced fragrance creation for a strikingly fresh scent of lemon blasts, with a novel product technology that enables thorough and lasting cleaning. It features a new and outstanding fragrance that lasts for hours, and works together with its dual zinc action formula to deliver a fresh and clean feeling that lasts. Don't the heat get to you, always #KeepACoolHead!

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