Why You Should Appreciate Your Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

We are all celebrating the most special women in our lives today, our mothers. They are the ones who brought us into this world. Without them, we would not be here today. (Literally and figuratively!) There is nothing greater than a mother's love for her children. From the moment we are formed in their womb, there is an instant bond. That is why they constantly do things to prove to us how much they love and care for us. So give your moms a big tight hug as a token of appreciation!

1. She puts your needs first.
Mothers are selfless. Just remember that when they gave birth to you, they already risked their lives because there is that 50/50 chance that the would not make it. To them, family always comes first. Whenever it would rain, my mom would give me her jacket to cover my head even if it meant that she would get wet. Whenever we would eat out, she would order for everyone first before her own food. Whenever we go to store, she would only buy things for us and never for herself. Today, it's her turn to be first.

2. She takes care of you when you are sick.
Is it just me or are moms immune to getting sick? There was an instance that my dad, brother and I had the flu but my mom did not get it even if she spent the entire day taking care of us. She nurses us back to health. Today, it's her turn to be cared for.

3. She supports you 100%.
Every time I think to myself, "I can't do it." My mom tells me otherwise. She is the one who told me that I can do anything I set my mind to. She sees potential in me that no one else does. Growing up, I tried a lot of different activities. I wanted to sing so she got me a voice coach. I want to swim so she enrolled me in swimming classes. I want to dance so she put me in ballet. I also tried tennis, cheerleading, guitar, public speaking and painting. She never said no when I wanted to do try something new. Today, give her words of encouragement to brighten her day.

4. She passes on her knowledge.
My mom is the best teacher. She taught me everything--- from my first words, to surviving my first heart break, and now how to take care of my skin. She is the one who introduced me to the brand Orogold years ago when we were shopping in Hong Kong. Ever since then, I have only been using their products.

5. She is a role model.
I have always looked up to my mom because of how she manages to balance everything. She has managed to build her law career and at the same time she has earned what she has today. Nothing was ever freely given to her. She worked hard in order to give her family a bright future. Today, it's her turn to feel like the star.

6. She's my best friend. 
My mom was my very first friend. She was the first one I wanted to tell about my day as soon as I got off from school. I could spend hours chatting with her. Sadly, as I got older, I started to keep secrets from her. The line between friend and mom got thicker and thicker. Today, share with her your inner most thoughts.

I hope that even when it isn't Mother's Day you continue to show them the love they deserve!


  1. I literally got teary eyed.. Happy mother's day to all mothers! And thank you Kally for this very beautiful article

  2. I literally got teary eyed.. Happy mother's day to all mothers! And thank you Kally for this very beautiful article