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Spilling some juicy stories in today's entry
Taking a break from sponsored posts to share with you a different side of me. On the blog, I always put my best foot forward with you guys. You may think that I am prim and proper but to be honest, I am just like any regular girl. I have embarrassing stories, I make mistakes, and I have bad days too. I like keeping my personal life behind closed doors but today's entry is special because these are things I have NEVER shared with you and even to some of my close friends. 

I am called Kally by almost everyone but my real name is actually Kalleen. It is a pretty unique name. I have never met anyone with the same name as me. I know a Kolleen, Coleen, and a Kathleen but no Kalleen. The story behind my name is simple. My mom has always liked the name "Kathleen" but she found it too common so she removed the "th" and added an "l". That's it. And as for Kally, no, I was not named after the drink Cali. My parents just gave me the nickname for no reason. 

In the family, we're only two kids with me being the eldest. My brother and I have a 10 year age gap. Growing up, I didn't have any sibling to play with so instead, I treated all my dogs like my brothers and sisters. We had a lot of dogs before. Around 6 or more at a time. I used to talk to them, eat with them, sleep with them basically we did everything together.

I have had four boyfriends in my 23 years on earth but when people ask me how many boyfriends I've had, I only answer three because I consider my first boyfriend as "puppy love".

I do not know how to ride a bike AND drive. I took driving lessons back in college during one summer but I stopped practicing when I back to school. It has been almost almost three years since then. I honestly think I have forgotten how already. They say it is just like riding a bike, you never forget. That's the thing--- I don't know how ride a bike either! 

I was a bit of a rebel in high school. I used to sneak out of the house frequently. One time my mom knocked on my door because the Mcdo deliveryman doorbelled at our house. She thought it was for me but the deliveryman just made a mistake. It was actually for my neighbor. Just my luck, when she went inside my room, I was no where to be found. She texted me, "Go home NOW or else." I asked my friend to bring me back. As we were nearing my house, I was in panic mode that I didn't notice the car was still moving when I opened the door. I rolled out and sprained my ankle. 

Hope you enjoyed this entry! 

P.S. I was laughing while typing it because I realized how silly I was. 

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