Gringo Opens in Makati

The term "gringo" is mainly used by Latin Americans when they refer to foreigners. 

A group of of gringos decided to put up a Mexican-Latin restaurant where you and your amigos (friends) can hang out while eating savoury food and drinking some cocktail coolers. They opened their first branch in SM North Edsa. It was such a success that they decided to open one in the Fort and now in the business district, Legaspi Makati

Everyone who works in the area (including me) go here for happy hour. 

A sneak peek of their menu

Nacho Grande P265

Assorted tacos

My basis for a good Mexican/Latin restaurant is all in their tacos. Yes, they may have other good main dishes but it all boils down to the tacos. 

Adobo Blackmole P95

Spicy Tuna P125

Porky Pork Belly P105

Latin Salpicao P105

Slow-Cooked Beef Burrito P245

Gringo's Best Sellers: Chicken and ribs

You have the option to choose the size and the side dishes.

Gringo Southern Spice Chicken (Half w/ 2 sides) P295

Chili Con Carne Crispy Street Taco P88

Gringo Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack w/sides) P365

Gringo Mojito (cup) P165

My Thoughts
Gringo is a fun place to eat in. As soon as you enter, you will feel the energy of the crowd and smell a little bit of salsa. From lunch to late in the evening, Gringo is packed with people. Most of the ones who go here work around the area. I've eaten here thrice already. The first time was during my lunch break and two times after work. My order is always the same: Gringo Southern Spice Chicken. For only P295, you get two side dishes already. The servings are huge and priced reasonably. When I have extra space in my stomach, I add a Latin Salpicao Street Taco. Gringo's drinks are equally as good as their food so you won't go wrong by ordering either. (or both!)

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