Back to Basics in Stripes + My New Hair

A closer look at my new hair color!

There are SO many trends now that even if I immerse myself in fashion daily, it's difficult to keep up.  Sometimes a good pair of jeans and a blouse is better than wearing the latest patent trench coat from the runway. Now that I'm older and I know better, I am starting to appreciate more comfortable dressing over tiis-ganda moments. I think that's one of the main reasons why street style is growing insanely popular. As fun as it is to strut around in a micro mini skirt and boots, it's just not practical. In this day and age, we are constantly on-the-go and on our feet. We don't always have the luxury of taking a car. During urgent times, it's much more convenient to walk. It's not exactly easy to get to places if you're in distressing clothes. You need to wear something you can freely move in. Jeans are always the safest choice and they have been around 1873. (Wow, it's been over a century!) There are a number of ways to dress up your denims. Here's how I dressed mine up: 

I kept my accessories simple--- just a layered gold necklace

I wore a sheer bralette under my blouse. I like how it was subtle but still sexy. 

Painless shoes= sandals or a pair of sneakers

Photos by Maxine Marcellino

P.S. What do you think of the new color of my hair? My hairstylist Miguel from Hairshaft Podium added highlights and a bit ash on the tips. Comment your thoughts below!

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