Belo Baby Cologne

My favorite Belo Baby Cologne is Sweet Snuggle. Just like the name, it really is sweet--- like me! It's now my everyday cologne because it's light and it's similar to essence of a flower.

Belo Baby just launched their cologne in three fresh scents--- Sweet Snuggle, Happy Tickle and Cool Drizzle. Each scent will make you stand out in the crowd. I grew up in an all girls school. We were consistently compared with one another by our appearance, intelligence, and physique. It was always a competition of who was the best. I never wanted to get left out so I tried to figure out ways on how I could fit in. I started putting on cologne to feel good about myself. It really helped boost my confidence and self-esteem. My friends took notice of this and they would compliment me. It would instantly put a smile on my face. 
I want to put a smile on your face too which is why I'm giving you the chance to join my giveaway. I'll sending out your very own Belo Baby package to three lucky winners. Follow these simple steps below:
1. Post an #ootd on Instagram that best describes your style. 
2. For your caption, relate how your scent matches your style.
3. Tag @belobabylove and @kallyaraneta. Include the hashtag #BeloBabyCologe #Scentsational #SquadGoals

While Cool Drizzle reminds me of my cologne back when I was a baby. It has a fun and innocent smell. 

Happy Tickle would be the more mature scent amount the three. 

My Thoughts
I have very sensitive skin. However, before there weren't a lot of hypoallergenic colognes or perfumes. The scents that I liked would irritate my skin but because I wanted to smell good, I would just tolerate the pain. I'm so happy that now there's a cologne that I actually LOVE and it's gentle to my skin. I don't have to worry anymore about getting any rashes. 

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