Pond's 3-Day Acne Clear Challenge

Watch the video below to see my skin improve in just three days!

I'm a firm believer that to see is to believe. This is why I always try a product first before buying but if I can't get my hands on it, I make sure to do extensive research first. I ask around, I read reviews, and I watch as many Youtube videos possible. You see, I'm extra extra careful when it comes to taking care of my skin. My skin is sensitive and it's not like I can replace it. I'm just given the skin I'm born in. I have to take care of it! I'm not one to buy into those advertisements on TV or anywhere on media. Most of them were just paid to say good things about the products. How often were their claims actually based on personal experience? 

The same goes for my blog. I will never promote something that I haven't tried and tested for myself. All my reviews are true and are a matter of my own opinion. As much as possible, I like to my honest but since in the Philippines, our culture isn't as open to criticism so f I don't like a product, I just won't say anything about it. 

So when Pond's approached me to do the three day challenge, I  made sure to ask important questions before trying it.

What makes Pond's Acne Clear range different from other acne products?

Pond's discovered a new ingredient called Active Thymo-T Essence which is the first in the world. It deeply penetrates bacteria cells to clear acne and prevent it from coming back. 

When will I see the results?

In just three days, women have clearer and smoother skin. 

How do I use the product?

Two easy steps: Cleanse and Treat

Cleanse your face with the Acne Clear Facial Foam with a pea size amount. Wash it off after. (Remember to focus on acne-prone areas)

Treat your blemishes when the Leave-On-Clearing Gel. Put a tiny amount on your fingertrips then lightly apply on affected areas.


After getting all the information I needed, I documented my experience for myself. Watch the video below to see the results!

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