French Brown

When I went to Paris, I noticed how the women were so elegant, classic, and effortless. That was someone I wanted to be.

I remember the very first time I colored my hair. I was in 2nd year high school. I accompanied my mom to the salon to get a hair cut but I left with my hair two shades lighter from its original color. My mom never allowed to color my hair because she didn't want it to get damaged and also because it wasn't allowed in school but on that day, I was able to convince her other wise. Since then I've gone from light brown, to black, to red, and this year I went for blonde. My plan was to try purple next but when L'Oreal introduced their new Majirel French Brown, I made an appointment in salon right away to transform my hair. (Click this link to see what went down!)

My stylist, Laurent Herbert, thought the shade 5.025 (which was one of their lightest shades) would suit me best. My only request was to keep my hair light. 

The result? My hair now looks healthier, it's much easier to style, and it has helped me achieve that polished look without having to try!

Photos by @jumpingchicken

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