National Museum

Let me walk you through the National Museum

Toby and I have been together for a year and seven months (to be exact) and I'm proud to say that we still aren't sick of each other even if we see each other almost everyday. In fact, we are actually more in love now than when we started dating. What keeps our relationship strong is that we make it a point to do activities that suit both of our interests. Toby's a big music lover and he also likes video games. I tried learning how to play DOTA just so that I could play with him just like how he has adapted to the things I like. One of which is visiting museums. Now that I'm older, I appreciate learning about different cultures and even more if it's about ours. A few months back, Toby and I spent an afternoon Sunday immersing ourselves in the National Museum.

Filipino's first wring system was called alibata

Filipiniana gown

A part of the Berlin Wall was brought to the Philippines

The famous painting Spoliarium by Juan Luna 

The old supreme court

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