TV 100 on Fleek

Watch these girls transform from bleak to ON FLEEK!

Are you bored with your hair? Is it time for you to get a new hairdo?
 It's no secret that I styling my hair. I make it a point to change my look at the start of the year. Two years ago, I chopped my hair and got a bob. In 2015, I colored my hair red and this year, I decided to go blonde. (I wanted to find out if blondes have more fun and they really do!) I wouldn't call myself daring but when it comes to my hair, I do the unexpected just like the girls on ON FLEEK.

The One Mega Group INC together with Wella Professionals presents the newest show for the latest hair trends. And guess what? You can watch it anywhere because TV100 is an app on your phone! You can no longer use the excuse that you missed the episode because you were busy. You can watch it during your spare time. There are also other shows such as: It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez, MegaMan, and Travel Now, to name a few.

So what are you waiting for? Download here

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