OLX Sellebrate Summer

Time to do some summer cleaning!

I'm one of those girls who looks at a closet full of clothes and says, "I don't have anything to wear." Even if there has been a time that I couldn't close my closet door because it was overflowing. 
I have the tendency to hoard especially when there's a sale but now that I have to pay for bills with my own salary, I've learned to be a wise shopper and make extra money by selling my unused clothes. Every summer, I make it a point to organize my closet and look for clothes that I can either donate or sell. The ones I donate, I give them to my Church while the ones I sell, I do it online.The best place to do that is in OLX. I'm sure you're familiar with the website. It's formerly known as sulit. Most people find second hand gadgets there but it's a good place to sell clothes too.

Here are a few of the pieces that I've worn on the blog that I'm planning to sell.


If you post an item to sell in OLX from March 7 to April 8, you get the chance to win these exciting prices!

I've already been to to Boracay and Cebu so I hope to win the trip to Batanes because it's one of my dream destinations. You can try your luck too!



 For more information, visit Naksperience.

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