Reinventing Swimsuits

What do you do with your swimsuits when it's not summer? Don't pack them away! Use them as a top instead. I live in the Philippines which is a tropical country. I buy swimsuits every month. (It's an addiction already. Lol!) I love the beach but my schedule doesn't permit to me go as often as I want to and there are also those days when the weather doesn't allow me to as well. When it rains here, it floods. What happens to all the cute swimsuits that I just bought? I wear them out by pairing it with a pair of shorts or high waisted jeans. When I want to go for something more dressy, I can put a cardigan or a blazer over. No one would ever think that I was actually wearing a swimsuit! The only struggle happens when you're wearing a one-piece and you need to use the bathroom but other than that, reinventing swimsuits is a fun way to save on having to go to the store to buy a whole new outfit.

Photos by Marian Veronica
Wear Sundae Swimsuit

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