My Top Picks from Luxola

I'm such a lazy girl that I'd rather do my shopping online than go to the store. As much as I love the mall, I get overwhelmed whenever I go to the department store because there are just so many products to choose from in a short span of time. At least when I shop online, I can take my time and if I'm unsure about buying the product, I search for reviews from make up bloggers on Google or Youtube. I've talked about Shopback in my previous post for shopping for clothes but did you know they carry make up too? Now I really don't have a reason to leave the house now! Just kidding. Here are my top picks: 

 1. Nudestix Lip and Cheeck Duo (P1128.50) in Soul/Flesh
I like products with dual function because it just makes it more convenient especially since my bag is usually tiny. 
 2. Benefit Cosmetics Real Tempting Threesome (P1325.50)
Do you love false eyelashes but you don't know how to put it on? This is for you! 
 3. Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo (P1593)
Did you know that washing your hair everyday is bad? It dries out your hair and removes all the nutrients. It depends on your type of hair but since my hair is coloured and I always style it, I should only wet my hair every other day but it leaves my hair oily. I use dry shampoo to keep my hair looking fresh.

4.  Dr. Jart's Radiance Beauty Balm (P1560)
BB cream is for girls like me who want a quick fix. It serves as foundation to even out your skin tone and SPF for protecting your skin from sun damage. It doesn't matter if you aren't under the sun. Even just being exposed to our gadgets can damage our skin because of the radiation it gives off. 

5. Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette (P1991.50)
I'm not adventurous when it comes playing with eyeshadow. I like sticking to the basic colors. This Becca palette is pigmented and the colours are impeccable for both day and night looks.

 6. Sleek Make Up (P730) in Fair
According to beauty trends for 2016, contouring is dead and now strobing is in. I highly disagree. Contouring lives on. I NEED to define my cheekbones to avoid my chubby cheeks.

7. DRGL Skin Repair (P3252.50)
Serum is the answer to all your skin concerns. I only discovered about this when I started working in the cosmetics division. It is quite pricey but the price tag is worth it. Trust me!

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