Photo Diary in Coron, Palawan

Palawan was named as the world's most beautiful island last 2015. My family always has the best time whenever we're there. It's no wonder we've gone thrice already! Last January, we brought my godmother's family with us. It was the first time for her kids to visit the Philippines so it was our duty to show them how wonderful our country really is. We knew they would fall in love with Palawan just like we did! I don't need to say much, the photos will do the talking for me. 

Day One
We arrived Coron at 2 pm. We had a late lunch and freshened up before heading to Maquinit hot spring.

My mom and Cli (her best friend since grade school who is my godmother)

Day Two
We were up early for a day full of adventure. Coron has a lot of island hopping tours available depending on what you want to see and do. 

Mount Tapyas 

My dad loves his silly poses

Boodle fight!

Twin Lagoon

The famous Coron Bay

Day Three
Diving isn't my thing but you have no choice if you want to see the sunken Japanese ships. According to our tour guide, when World War 2 ended, some Japanese ships were stuck in the Philippines. The Americans already had taken over our country and those Japanese men still refused to surrender. They disguised their ships like islands by putting trees all around it. The Americans were clever enough to look at the map and they wondered why there new islands. They bombed all the make shift islands and true enough, they were the Japanese ships. 

Our boat man who doubles as a tour guide was ALSO the one who cooked and prepared our food inside the boat

Kayangan Lake 

My first time to try adobong pusit and it was SO good

I met a new friend on the island

Day Four
For our last day, our flight was at 12 noon. We just spent the morning relaxing and taking in as much as we can before heading back to Manila. 

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