Full of Color at The Blackbird

I noticed that towards the latter part of 2015, I started dressing in strictly neutrals. I don't know if it's because I wanted to stick to more monochrome pieces or I was just too lazy to mix and match. Neutrals are easy to wear and they're no brainer outfits. Black goes with black, beige goes with white, white goes with grey, and vice versa. Unlike with color, it can be a little tricky. Sometimes too much color is just a sight for sore eyes. It takes more practice and honestly speaking, I even check the color wheel to see what colors complement each other. You also have to have a more bold personality to wear color because people will notice you. It's impossible not to stand out in your bright red dress and your pair of purple heels. I promised myself to try to wear more color and this is what I came up with when I went out for lunch at Blackbird a couple weeks back. It's not that loud but hey, it's a start! 

Scotch eggs (TO DIE FOR!!!)

Nasi Goreng

Truffle omelette with lamb rending 

Dessert for the Day

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