Canon Fashion Revolution

Canon is the #1 camera for me. I have been a Canon user for a decade already. My very first camera was a Canon IXUS 510 back in Grade 7.  When it comes to choosing a camera, it really depends on what you are focusing on. Since I am a blogger and most of the photos I take are of my outfit shots, I need a camera that is sharp and has good focus. But I have to factor in that I'm constantly on-the-go and I'm petite. I can't carry around an huge SLR with me everywhere I go. (Unless I want to break my neck!) The camera I use now is a Canon G7X and I couldn't be happier with it. It's the perfect size for me. I gave up on using an SLR but I have been meaning to get a new one. Maybe this Christmas perhaps? It's a good thing I attended last week's #CanonFashionRevolution in SM Aura. I got a few points on how to take better photos for my blog from the one and only Sara Black. Also, I was able to do a little research on the new SLR cameras they have. I already have a good idea on what I'm planning to get! Now it's time to start saving up. Thank you, Canon for such an informative Friday night!

I felt like such a noob with all the pros around me 

Sara Black 

What a beauty!

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