7 Rules I Live By

I'm a person of principle. Everything I do is for a reason. It's my pet peeve when people answer "I don't know" because we all know deep down you really do know. Things rarely happen by chance. You let it happen. At the end of the day, you have control of your action and no one else is to blame. Life's simple if you let it be. Let me share with you 10 rules I live by. I hope this helps you get through another week!

1. Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you.


2. If you say you're going to do it, DO IT!

Girl 1: I will send you the photos tomorrow.
Girl 2: *10 days later* Where are the photos?

3. Don't ask for advice if you won't listen.

Do you have that one friend who always asks for advice but NEVER listens? You already sound like a broken record for repeating yourself but she thinks her idea is better anyway. For example, my mom always asks me to choose what outfit looks better but she still chooses what she wants instead of what I say. So what's the point of you asking me?

4. Don't schedule two things at the same time. 

Unless you have the power to cut yourself into two or to how many bodies you promised, you shouldn't promise two people your time. If you already made plans and someone last minute messages you, politely say "I'm sorry I already have plans." Instead of saying maybe and making them think you're going to show up. 

5. Time is money

Time spent waiting is time wasted. When you agree on a time, make it a point to be there on time. The fact that someone made time for you (especially when they're busy) is a huge compliment. Don't let them down.

6. CLAYGO (Clean As You Go)

You see this sign on the streets but do you follow it? I have a bit of OCD. I enjoy everything that has to do with cleanliness and organization. Heaven for me is either a world full of dogs or when I enter the aisle of the storage section in Ikea. I cannot stand working in a messy place. My mind feels as cluttered as the environment I'm in.  

7. When you open it, close it as well

This should be common sense, right? It is just like the law of gravity. What comes up, must come down. If you open the door, close it when you leave. This applies to the toilet seat and all forms of bottles. 

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