Fashion Philosophy


When it comes to dressing up, my fashion philosophy is simple: I dress up for me. What does that mean exactly? Fashion is constantly changing. It's hard to keep up with the trends popping out left and right. Almost as hard as it is to be updated with all your favorite shows. It's easy to get lost in it if you don't know who you are. Fashion is part of who you are. Your clothes express who you are, how you're feeling and what kind of person you want to be perceived as. I veer towards silhouettes that make me feel more like a woman, cuts that flaunt my assets, prints that catch attention without screaming desperate and classic pieces that can be passed down to my future daughter. It's totally fine to take risks once in a while especially for special occasions but for my everyday wear, I stick to what I know. I'm short. As painful for me it is to admit, it's a fact. I have to choose bottoms that lengthen my legs which is why I love high waisted everything. Anything that cuts off on your shin makes you look shorter. While for tops, I'm inclined to tube tops and off shoulder pieces to show off my collar bones. Once you start dressing for yourself instead of trying to impress others, your confidence builds up which makes you even more beautiful.



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  1. Woah you look so young for someone who's already on her late 20's ��