The World of Social Media

Social media is such a big commodity that everyone willing shares their life as if it's nothing. I think we forget that whatever we post on the internet is permanent. Once it goes online, it can reach anywhere. We can try to delete it afterwards but we won't know if someone already saved it or screen-capped it. We can be reckless when we're young. We do whatever we want without thinking of the repercussion. Everyone's life motto nowadays is either YOLO (You only live once) or "F*ck it!" But what if your future employer or your grandparents saw an inappropriate photo of you? As a blogger, I have to remember that there's a fine line between my personal life and my blogging life. I don't openly talk about my problems and my relationships because it's my business and mine alone. Also, no one likes a debbie downer who constantly rants! This is just a friendly reminder for those of you social media addicts to choose carefully what you post online. It may be fun and games now but you don't want to suffer the consequences later on.

I used my boyfriend Toby as a prop. It's a good thing he's always so cooperative. 

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