Footwear can be smart and stylish at the same time—Put your best foot forward as Singaporean brand, HEATWAVE arrives in Manila.

         When it comes to picking shoes, what plays a bigger factor---comfort or style? Personally,  I don't mind my feet getting blisters as long as my shoes look good with my outfit. It's a struggle for the modern woman to have to make the choice between form and function. Brave traffic in comfortable heels that are sparse on style? Or pop in an event with a happening pair of heels, only to spend the night in pain? The solution: The Sensible Shoe, done up in style, quality and comfort, to accompany the woman in her everyday journeys.

         Singaporean brand Heatwave was borne out of a meager shop in the island city to a full-scale footwear brand known for its comfortable, fashionable footwear made for its customers in hands-on, small scale production houses. It's a personal endeavor by its owners really, who have made it a point to craft each collection based on trends, practicality and comfort, and translate these design room ideas to form, by way of hand-crafted manufacturing—eight people work together to produce a single Heatwave pair. 

         Heatwave is known for its manageable heel lengths as well, elevated just enough to boost the wearer's height and confidence, without sacrificing comfort. Inside, quality is both seen and felt—flexible soles are made to be anti-slip, placing maximum support at the sole—and as the heart and soul—of each pair. I tested it out for myself by wearing my pair of Heatwave pumps today while doing errands in the mall then to a couple of blogging events and finally ended my day with a date night with my boyfriend. As soon as I got home, I removed my shoes and my feet were in no pain at all. Heatwave wants to sustain—a community of women who are as sensible as they are stylish, like the Heatwave pairs they own. This movement finally arrives in Manila. It will soon be available at TheShop.ph and The Block at SM North on October.

 Follow Heatwave on its social media accounts: facebook.com/HeatwaveShoes, @heatwaveshoes on Pinterest, and @heatwaveshoesph on Instagram.

Some bubbly to celebrate 

Choosing my own pair. Can you guess which one I picked?

With Rina Andres, the marketing manager 

Thank you for having me!

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