Locally Made

I love being a Filipino. I love our country despite the pollution and the traffic. I can't imagine living anywhere else. But if I could name one flaw we Filipinos have as a nation, it is that we have this obsession with anything white--- or what is called as colonial mentality. Just take a look at how successful glutathione is. It's a thriving business because Filipinos can't embrace the color of their skin. We are naturally supposed to be brown or kayumanggi. I guess I wouldn't fully understand those who wish to be whiter because I am fair skinned myself. In my defense, my mom passed this gene on to me. My dad has the typical Filipino complexion.  But even in simple things such as supporting locally made products, Filipino refuse to do. Some Filipinos assume that as long as it is made anywhere outside the Philippines, it is superior to our products. Yes, in some way, foreign countries have produced better products because they are more advanced in technology and innovation. But there are Filipino made products that are just as good as any foreign brand out there. Every time we buy their products, we are only making them richer and our country in more debt.

These soaps are made locally from a shop called faith.hope.love

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