Crepe Amelie

Crepe Amelie is a new contender in the restaurant scene in Makati. It may look like just a simple cafe from the glass window but this place deserves a spot on the list of places you need to try. Crepe Amelie takes its inspiration from the city of love, Paris, by serving French food. The restaurant is named after Chef Amelie, a well renowned chef from Manhattan, New York. From the name itself, you can already expect that crepes is their speciality. I have always preferred crepe as a dessert; not really as a main dish but I was pleasantly surprised with how the crepe complemented each dish. Just see for yourself through these photos!

Left: Tuna Primavera Pasta Right: Shrimp Aglio Olio

For those of you don't like crepes, you can order their pastas. My favorite pasta dish served was the Tuna Primavera Pasta. It's somewhat like carbonara but this one was very light. I could finish it and still eat a whole lot more.

Double Citrus Mojito, Espresso Milkshake, Iced Mocha Latte, Cucumber Apple Mint, Pink Lemonde

Garden Omelette  

It tastes as healthy as it sounds. This was my least favorite dish because it was too bland. I think they should've added more dressing to make it more appetizing.

Bacon & Sausage Omelette 

I liked it but it wasn't anything special. It's something I would cook for myself at home for breakfast.

Chicken Caesar Sandwich

I think it would've been better if the bread used was thinner. 

Roast Beef Sandwich

One word: DELICIOUS!

Oriental Shrimp Salad

For those of you on a diet or if you just enjoy salad, order the oriental shrimp salad over the chicken caesar salad. 

Left to Right: Ham & Cheese, Shrimp Mornay, Chicken Fajita

I like everything except the chicken fajita. The chicken fajita's were too heavy for a crepe. It just didn't work. The original Mexican style chicken fajitas is still a winner.

Roast Beef Crepe

Everyone's favorite crepe! I would honestly come back just to have this again. I didn't think roast beef would taste good with crepe but it surprisingly did!

Crepe Marguerite 

If you're a pizza lover then you need to try this!

Now on to dessert...

I was overwhelmed by how much dessert they made us try. We were served around 7 or 8 cakes and 4 dessert crepes. My stomach felt like it was going to explode but here are my top two desserts of the night.

Banana Peanut Butter Nutella 

Cookies and Cream Crepe Cake

I was quite amazed by how they make their crepe cakes so light and fluffy. It doesn't feel like you're eating 500 calories AT ALL. 

Chef Pam, Chef Sophie, Chef Racky

The ones behind it all. 

Overall, I love Crepe Amelie's interpretation of French food. I recommend this restaurant for dinner with your girls. Their food is light and very reasonably price.

I recommend the Tuna Primavera Pasta, Roast Beef Crepe for your main course and Cookies and Cream Crepe Cake for dessert.
Budget: 500/head
Thank you Crepe Amelie for a wonderful evening!

Crepe Amelie
Address: Ground Floor, A. Venue Mall, Makati City
Contact Number: (02) 750 9946

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