Staying Healthy with ATC Healthcare

I promised myself that this year I'm going to make better health choices. No more ordering Jollibee, munching on Ruffles, having bacon for breakfast everyday and drinking soft drinks like water. I never thought I needed to change my habits because I was never on the heavy side. (Thanks to my mom's genes!) But as they say, health is wealth. I have lost many loved ones due to sickness. We shouldn't take our health for granted! The best cure is prevention.

Here are 4 ways to stay healthy: 

1. Drink Your Daily Vitamins

I hate drinking vitamins until now but I'm a very sickly person. My immune system is weak which is why it's necessary for me to double up on vitamins. Thankfully, ATC Healthcare sent me a package consisting of all the daily vitamins and minerals I need. They have fish oil, vitamin e, vitamin c and so many more everyday medicine.

2. Choose Your Food Wisely

I don't believe in strict dieting. If you deprive yourself from eating, you'll eventually binge. I gave up eating sweets for one month last year. After the one month was over, I ate all the sweets I wanted and I ended up gaining all the weight I loss back and even more. Everything in moderation. You should let yourself enjoy food! I gave up rice now but once a week I let myself cheat by getting some yang chow fried rice. YUM.

3. RedoxFat

You should consult your doctor before taking any slimming pills. I started taking RedoxFat just last week. I don't take it to simply lose weight. I've been taking it because I don't excrete bowel regularly. An average person should defecate at least once a day. I can go three days without using the bathroom. I used to drink tea to avoid constipation. But now that I discovered RedoxFat, I've been going to the bathroom regularly. 

4. Work Out

I don't have a sport. I used to play tennis before but I got lazy to keep it up. If you have a sport, you should make it a point to practice at least twice a week. I signed up for the gym three months ago and I've been going thrice a week. My body feels stronger and I've been seeing fast improvements.

Sports Bra: Perfect Form
Jacket: Straightforward

1 comment:

  1. wow...parehas tayo natry ko na din yang redoxfat,
    2Months na ako gumagamit ng RedoXfat..
    Ang pinakagusto ko sa RedoXfat eh yung araw araw na ako nagpupunta ng CR. :D
    Happy naman ako sa result kasi hindi na ako constipated. Basta OK naman sya sa akin.
    Twice a day ko sya take, after lunch and after dinner.
    Kasi cerelas lang nman ako sa breakfast kaya hindi na ako nag tetake sa umaga.
    Plus, nag ja jog ako sa gabi kaya siguro mas effective sya...