Hint of Teal

During my awkward preteen days, I didn't really how to dress up. I would wear jogging pants to the mall and jelly sandals to birthday parties. My older cousin, Michelle, gave me a piece of advice. She said, "Your bag and shoes always have to match." Of course, I followed her because she was the closest thing I had to a sister. Whenever I pick an outfit, I still hear what she says in my head. Today was one of those days when I listened to her in my matching teal bag and shoes. But I don't believe that there are rules that we have to follow in the way we dress. It all depends on your taste and how you carry yourself. There's no shame in trying on whatever you want to see if it looks good on you. That's why I encourage people not to focus too much on what people on television are wearing but discover what works for you and your body. Go on and take risks. People who take risks, makes statements. They're the ones who are remembered; not forgotten.

Photos by: Toby Panlilio
Top: Pink Manila
Shorts: SM Girls Teen Wear
Shoes: Comfit
Clutch: Zara

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