Black Fur Vest

When you invest on something new, you should first ask yourself is, What will I wear it with? How many ways can I wear it? Is it something I can still wear 10 years from now? We should be practical when it comes to shopping. I know how hard it is to stop yourself from impulse buying especially when it's on sale. You think that because it's cheap, it doesn't matter that you only wore it once. In some way that is true but if you think that way of everything you buy, you've realized you've spent so much money on "ok" pieces when you could've just bought something more expensive that you really loved. I had second thoughts about buying this fur vest from Bershka. I really wanted it but I knew I could only wear it when I travel since it's too hot for the weather in the Philippines. I left the store without it in my hands but when I arrived home, it was still on my mind. If you can't get it off your mind that is a sign of a good buy. I decided to go back for it the next day and I have no regrets! It made me feel as though I was a Parisan woman while walking the streets of Rue de Rivoli.
Top: Ever New (Similar here)
Vest: Bershka
Bottoms: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Shoe Salon
Sunglasses: Sunnies

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