Parisan Affair

Paris is my favorite city in the whole world. I used to think that people were just exaggerating when they would talk of how beautiful it is. I even found it tacky when I'd see an Eiffel Tower or the word Paris on accessories. I didn't understand what the fuss was all about until I went to Paris during the summer of 2014. I think Paris made me believe at love at first site. 

Last year, my family and I did all the normal touristy things like visit all the galleries, famous buildings and we even did the cruise that goes around the city. Now that we were more familiar with the place, we took the time to appreciate the little things people don't normally associate with Paris. I was able to walk around by myself without getting lost. (which I was extremely proud of, btw) I'm horrible with directions and I get scared walking alone in unfamiliar places. Even here in Manila, I don't like the feeling of walking by myself. I get conscious that people are staring at me. I usually just look at my phone to avoid feeling awkward. But the streets of Paris are so charming that I felt comfortable enough to explore by myself. The city is just something else and I hope I get the opportunity to come back in the near future.

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