Dressing For The Cold In A Mint Suit

 I'm not exactly the biggest fan of dressing for the cold. Since I live in the Philippines, I'm used to the warm summer weather all year long. My wardrobe mostly consists of day dresses, short shorts and tank tops. I hardly have thick pieces of clothing. I only have a few coats which I've already over used from all my past travels. I didn't want to have to spend by buying new ones. I scavenged my closet and found this mint blazer that works for the European weather. I matched it with a body con skirt in the same color from Apartment 8. Everyone thought that my blazer and skirt came as a pair but I actually bought them from different stores. The mint green color perfectly matched the interiors of the Plaza Mayor in Seville, Spain.
Here's are a few tips for those of you aren't used to dressing for the cold:
1.Wear at least four layers of clothing. An inner top, (a tank top or a t-shirt) followed by a thicker top, a sweater then a blazer/coat
2. If you're going to invest on a coat, think about the future. A good coat costs at least P5000 pesos so you'd want to be able to use it as much as possible. Pick one in a neutral color like black or gray. 
3. Don't wear sandals or any open toe shoes. Go for boots or sneakers. Wear it together with socks to keep your feet warm. 
5. Scarves will be your new best friend. It's hard to pack a lot of clothes when you have limited luggage space and your coats take up all the space. Scarves are light and you can buy them in all colors and they come in many prints too. There are also over a dozen ways to wear your scarf as seen here. People don't usually see your adorable outfit which you spent hours choosing because you're wearing a coat over it. Wear a different scarf over your coat each day to make your outfit look like brand new.

Photos by Elian Araneta
H&M Top
Forever 21 Blazer
Apartment 8 Skirt
Nike Sneakers

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