If I had the chance to go back anywhere in Spain, it would be in Barcelona. Four days weren't enough to see what the city had to offer. Most of my friends say it's their favorite place in the world. Mine will always be Paris but Barcelona could be the second. During our first day there, we took a walking tour around the city. I was surprised when our tour guide instantly bashed Madrid and the rest of the Spain. You see, most of the people in Barcelona are from a community called Catalonia. They are not a country although they have been seeking independence from Spain for quite some time now. They have different beliefs from the Spaniards and they even have their own language. The famous architect Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan too. He displayed his works of art all around the city. No, not just in museums but as you casually walk along the street, you will see facades of buildings that he designed. He wanted to make the city beautiful and he was able to do just that. His masterpieces are Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Mila to name a few. 

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