Style Blogger vs. Fashion Blogger

Most people think that being a style blogger and a fashion blogger are one in the same. It's understandable because both deal with clothes but they're also very different. When you say fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is runway. Fashion bloggers are those who keep up with the newest trends. They follow the pantone color of the year, the latest spring collection and the must have shoes of the season. They know their facts and they can forecast what the next trend will be. Their outfits are usually high-end. Style bloggers, on the other hand, choose to dress according to what fits their body type. For example, I have a petite frame which is why I stay away from dresses that will give me no shape. Style bloggers don’t care as much for what’s the latest trend but follow what they feel most comfortable in. They aren’t label conscious but they know a good designer piece when they see it. Their clothes are ready-to-wear and at a reasonable price. Also, style bloggers don’t only talk about clothing. They can branch out to topics on beauty, hair, and even more personal topics. This is also a reason why I choose to add new categories to my blog to differentiate myself from the fashion bloggers and present myself as a style blogger.

Photo: Ira Gorgetti
Top: Pink Manila
Pants: Tim and Franc
Bag: Klarra


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  2. Great post! For someone whom is new to blogging I questioned whether I was identifying myself correctly as a Beauty and Fashion blogger. After reading this I've realized that I've been wrong this whole time as I have no complete interest in high-end fashion or keeping up with the latest trends. I prefer to stick to looks I favor that others may enjoy.

    - Sherrell

  3. Thanks for sharing your take on this! I suppose people associate fashion with more commercial blogs and style blogs as more relatable.