Sweet Escape in Venice, Italy

No vacation is complete without booking a session with Sweet Escape. (I've already used them before when I was in San Diego. Click here to see the photos!) They have easily become one of my travel essentials.  Jacob and I love to travel as a couple but since it's just us two, there's usually no one around to take our photos. Sometimes we muster the courage to ask a stranger but the photos don't turn out good. A better solution is to bring a tripod. It takes a number of tries until you get a decent photo but it gets the job done. However, since we were going to be in Venice, which is known for pick pockets and a high volume of tourists, I didn't want to risk leaving my camera in plain sight. Sweet Escape is the best and most convenient way to document your travels! Their services are available in over 600 cities around the world.
There's no better souvenir than a photo which captures your emotion in a specific place. It's something that you can't put a price on. 

There are different packages depending on how many hours and which city. The prices range between $120 to $500. You can use them for any occasion too--- Birthdays, Honeymoon, Pre-Nup, Bachelorette's Trip, and more.

Venice is a very romantic city. The narrow streets, the gondolas by the water, and even just the view alone will take your breath away. It's the perfect place to get lost with your loved one and an even more perfect backdrop for a shoot with Sweet Escape.

This is the Bridge of Sighs. They say if you kiss under it, you'll be together forever.

Our photographer's name was Anastasiia. She was so sweet and bubbly. It was as if we've been friends for a long time because we were so comfortable around her. We were just chatting in between while taking photos. She was also like a tour guide because she took us around some secret spots in Venice and gave us tips for our next destinations. It was very casual but the photos turned out amazing!


Thank you, Sweet Escape!

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