Sweet Escape in San Diego (Our First Couple Shoot!)

I've been wanting to post these photos ever since I got my hands on them but I had to work on my old posts first. A  little backstory--- I flew to California last February with my boyfriend Jacob. It was our first time to go out of the country together and our first time to do a photoshoot together. Jacob's always the one behind the camera but this time, we shared the limelight together. We're both usually very comfortable in front of a camera individually but during this photoshoot, it took us quite some time to figure out how to pose. It's a good thing our photographer Glenn from Sweet Escape guided us every step of the way. He said we were naturals although I think it was just his skills that made us look good. 

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Who between us do you think loves their coffee more?

I requested for this twirl photo 

Long and tight hugs are the best

Sweet Escape
Website: https://www.sweetescape.com


  1. Nag-PBB pala si jowa, that's why he looks so familiar. Ginoogle ko talaga siya HAHAHA. Anyway, you both look so cuuuute and super sweet!!

  2. Sweet escape������ you both really defines it the term forever too��������������love this! Super sweet and you both inspire us to love what we love, to love our passion, to love our surroundings�� thanks for that ate kally!

  3. Love the photos esp the 7th and 8th. And yung smile nyo both, ughh kakilig! Sweetness overload!