4 Ways to Wear Denim in California

February to March is considered as the winter season in California. This is the coldest time of the year with temperatures ranging from 11 to 21 degrees. It would typically be warm during the day then at night, it would be freezing. Instead of bringing around a big bulky coat, I opted to stick to denim for my entire trip. Thick denim fabric keeps you warm. It is the easiest to mix and match which is perfect for long trips where you need to be creative with your outfits to save on luggage space. I have listed 4 of my favorite ways to style denim below.

1. Denim Jacket + Dress
I felt like Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown pairing a denim jacket with dress.   This style is very Southern in my opinion.

2. Denim Jeans + Swimsuit as a Top

Who said swimsuits can only be used at the beach? They're great with a good pair of jeans for a sexy outfit combination.

3. Dress over Denim Jeans
This was the first time I tried this outfit combination. It gives off a vintage and That 70s Show kind of vibe. 

4. Denim Jacket + Cropped Top + Skirt
This has been my go to combination ever since high school. I would wear denim jacket whenever I was wearing a cropped top because I was too shy to show my lower tummy. 


  1. Love the denim jeans + swimsuit as top.. So sexy!

  2. goyyyyjoooyguiajoyMonday, June 11, 2018

    Lovin' these styles on you! I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG BECAUSE DENIM NEVER GETS OLD. maluma na lang ang mga trending issues, hindi lang ang denim. Because, denim is the best suit for us to look classy�� Denim's everywhere you can buy the newest one or from UKAY- UKAY. Thanks for your tips, really appreciate how you benefits others more than yourself. I love how adventurous &playful you are�������� super thumbs up�� And the trivia one. Now I know, that the coldest or the winter season in California is on February and March��������