Are you a Busy Bee? Book this cleaning service!

According to Urban Dictionary, adulting is to carry out one or more duties and responsibilities expected of a fully developed individual. Some examples are: making a to do list, paying for insurance, packing lunch, taking multivitamins, laundry, doing the dishes, and the list goes on. Sometimes it gets hard to get everything done on your own. Thankfully, there are apps and services you can book online to help you tick off chores.

I've been looking for a cleaning service to help tidy up my condo. I just searched through Instagram and found Busy Bee Cleaning. They offer services such as deep house cleaning, deep dry cleaning, and deep shampooing. Deep cleaning is the process of extensively cleaning the entire place from the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and balcony then they top if off with air purification of a scent of your choice. Let me walk you through the process.

Busy Bee sent over three happy helpers to clean my place. They each took care of one area. (Bathroom Bedroom, and Kitchen/ Living Room/ Balcony)


They vacuum your bed to make sure you don't get mites

Neat and tidy!


They steam the bathroom tiles to get rid off all the dirt

Living Room

They vacuum your carpet and shampoo your couch to make sure every corner is spotless
After they finish cleaning the entire place, they aromatize and purify your home. When you enter, it will smell like you're in a hotel! 
To book, contact Busy Bee Cleaning on Instagram or text 0917 174 8158

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