Vivere x Néw Lounge's Bride & Best Friends Package

The only thing better than getting pampered once a month or twice if you're extra like me! is getting pampered surrounded by your girl friends. It has always been natural to me to get all dolled up. My mom said that as early as kindergarten, I would raid her closet and try on make up and strut around in heels that I could barely walk in. As cliché as it sounds, I'm just that girly. To other people, they might think I'm maarte or high maintenance but I don't see anything wrong in wanting to look my best. When I look good, I feel good.

I'm glad I have a set of friends who think think the same way. I do love having my me time while in the salon but it's also fun to have someone to chit chat with while getting your nails and eyelashes done. Add some bubbly to the mix and it's a party!

Me and four of my blogger friends namely Almira, Chin, Jane and Wanda were invited to an overnight staycation to try The Bride & Best Friends Package by Vivere Hotel in partnership with Néw Lounge. (Disclaimer: None of us are getting married. We just wanted to get pampered!) We started the afternoon with a room tour of our two-bedroom suite accompanied by a pitcher of sangria. Afterwards, you can choose whether you want an Aromatherapy Massage, Volume Eyelash Extensions, or Gel Manicure.

"So what's the latest news with you?"
Jane doing her make up before all the festivies 

Look at the view from my room in Vivere! They also have an outdoor pool, fitness center, and The Nest restaurant for you to enjoy
Prices range from Php2,500 to Php3,500 depending on the style and thickness that you want
Néw Lounge specializes in Nail Art and Eyelash Extensions. All their technicians are trained according to international standards so you can expect the best treatment. I have sensitive eyes and I wear contacts. I used to stay away from eyelash extensions because I've had the terrible experience of my fake lashes falling inside my eye and it got irritated really badly. This is because the lashes they used were synthetic and hard. I swore that I would never try eyelash extensions again but when I found out that Néw Lounge only uses Sable Hair (which is significantly thinner and softer than synthetic hair) I decided to give it another try.

See this photo for the result!
Result I chose Natural Volume Extensions with a length of 10. I was very happy with the process. It took almost two hours but I was just lying down comfortably in my bed. I even dozed off for a bit. That's just how comfy I was! There was zero pain and my technician's hands were as light as a feather.
Next Up- Nail art!

Bottle of wine for my night cap

For those of you interested in availing the same package, here is the low-down.

Bride & Best Friends Package Inclusion
Php25,000 net
Overnight Accommodation in Two-Bedroom Suite for Five (5) Adults
One (1) Carafe of Sangria and Wine Glass Set up
Flower Crow and Sash for Bride-To-Be
Breakfast Buffet for Five (5) at the Nest Dining in the Sky
Aromatherapy Massage for Two (2)
Volume Eyelash Extensions for Two (2)
Gel Manicure for Three (3)
Bridal Nail art for the Bride-To-Be

For more information:
Contact: (02) 771-7777

 Thank you Vivere & Néw Lounge!

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