Rediscovering Kota Kinabalu

My second time at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 

Before filling you in the places you need to visit in Kota Kinabalu, let me start by sharing how difficult it was to sit down and write this post which is why I only forced myself to do it now--- four months after my actual trip. My ex boyfriend and I frequently travelled and this was the last trip we took together. We were actually already broken up during this time but we thought doing something we loved together would fix things but we were both wrong. If anything, I think it helped us come to terms that we were no longer on the same page. 

Despite all the bad memories, Kota Kinabalu was an incredible trip. It was my second time there but I was only 13 years old when I last went. I pretty much forgot everything so it was like I was seeing everything for the first time again. Typically I fix the itinerary myself but this time, I decided to just book all our tours through Amazing Borneo for less hassle on my end. All I did was sit back and relax! 

Day One
The direct flight from Manila to Kota Kinabalu takes about 2 and a half hours. We left Ninoy Aquino National Airport at 6 pm and arrived Kota Kinabalu close to 9 pm. We went straight to the hotel to check-in at Klagan Hotel. It's a good thing our hotel was right beside the mall. We grabbed dinner at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant then called it a night. 

Airport OOTD 

It may look really simple but their food was surprisingly really good and extremely cheap too! The most expensive dish was just 20 Malaysian Ringgit. (Approximately P220!)

Day Two 
We toured around the Kinabalu Park and Pouring Hot Spring but in between the two destinations our tour guide made some short stops around the city.  

The Kinabalu Park is a popular tourist destination because it is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It surrounds Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia.

Looking over at Mount Kinabalu!

Inside the park, you will find a lot of species of flora and fauna that are only found there. 

Our tour guide was half Malaysia, half Filipino

Stopped by this cozy cottage for lunch

There are so many interesting things you'll see inside like this hanging bridge. I'm not going to lie--- I was a little scared! I'm not exactly the biggest fan of heights.

Pouring Hot Spring
You can jump inside for a swim but it can get crowded especially during the weekends. 

This is a Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world, that is only found in Borneo.  

Day Three
We didn't schedule a tour to be able to experience being a local for a day. We just went around the city. 

Started our day with brunch at 5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice and BBQ Pork in Centre Point. Yes, that's the name of the restaurant. Of course we did the most logical thing and ordered just that--- Hainanese Chicken Rice and BBQ Pork! I highly recommend it.

Drinking my watermelon shake straight out of a watermelon 

Kota Kinabalu is a Muslim country which is why you will see a lot of mosques such as the Sabah State Mosque and the Kota Kinabalu Mosque.

My first time inside a mosque. They are very strict with the way you dress. No showing any skin! Most of them wear a "Hijab" on their head and "Abaya" to cover their body. (Like the one I'm wearing above) You can rent it out if you don't have any. 

View of the city

Using my flytpack for internet to stay connected 

Found this Filipino restaurant while driving around

Dinner at Welcome Seafood Restaurant which is supposedly the best seafood restaurant on the island

Day Four
For our last day, we did the Beautiful Twin Islands Hopping Tour. I couldn't leave Kota Kinabalu without seeing their beaches. Their most popular ones-- Manukan and Sapi island.

Sapi Island

Manukan Island

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