Care You Deserve

We women have the innate need to be cared for by someone who understands our need. Women think, behave, and feel differently, and therefore caring for them is different. 

Lets take these two women for example. Leila Alcasid, daughter of iconic singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid, is slowly  gaining a spotlight of her own. She just returned back to the Philippines and she's having a difficult time adjusting to her life here-- always being in the public eye. "I'm at the stage where everything is changing and I don't always know what to do. That's why for me, it's very important to have the one person who understands you completely. It's comforting and reassuring," she says.

Now on the other side, there's Maxene Magalona who just recently got engaged. She's in the midst of wedding planning. "And it's at these moments, that a bride-to-be-like me needs that one person that can reassure you, and just be there to understand what you're going through," she says.

This holds even more true when it comes to the most sensitive part of the woman's body: the famine area. For a body part so sensitive, women need a feminine care partner that is specially made for that purpose--- and that is what pH Care is all about.

"The care that women need is deliberate, intentional, and intimate. We know that the famine area is very sensitive and it takes a deeper understanding to formulate the right products that omen can use everyday. pH care spent years conducting study and research about the intricacy of the woman's feminine area and every women's daily concerns. We want to provide the care that they truly deserve." says the ph Care Brand Manager.

Select media and influencers were invited to an intimate gathering where we were encouraged to bring that one person who truly understands them. Just like ph Care, the one famine wash that understands women, that's why it can give care that women deserve.

pH care has 9 different variants; pH Care Cool Wind, pH Care Passionate Bloom, pH Care Naturals Guava, pH Care Naturals Papaya, pH Care Fresh Blossoms, pH Care Fragrance Free, pH Care Happy Daisies, pH Care Powder Fresh and pH Care Shower Splash. 

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