Living in Yosi Samra 2.0 Flats

Yosi Samra introduces the 2.0 collection

A girl like me who juggles a full time job and a blog on the side lives in flat shoes all day. Although it may seem like I am always in heels, the truth is, I only wear them for photos or during big events. (Even then, I usually have a pair of flats hiding inside my bag for emergency situations). I wouldn't survive in heels! There are some days that I have to attend as many as five events. I'd rather be practical and stick to something comfortable but that doesn't mean it has to be plain and boring. Yosi Samra's 2.0 Collection is proof that flats can just as fashion and still comfy at the same time.

Trying on a couple of shoes. Can you guess which one I got?

Below are photos of their Core Collection. The prices range between P3,595 to P4,595. It's a little pricer compared to other brands but only because the quality stands out. Once you try on a pair, you'll understand what I mean. 
comes in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold

Comes in black, brown, nude


My #ootd wearing my Patent Blue pair. 

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