Almost Valentine's Day

Are you having difficulty picking an outfit for this coming Valentine's Day?

Whether you have a date or not, Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to dress up! After-all, it's a day about love and who do you love the most? Yourself! So put on a sexy dress and paint the town red. 

Wearing a monochrome outfit is always a no brainer when it comes to achieving that sleek look. I went with the color beige from head-to-toe. Truth be told, I was influenced by Kanye West's Yeezy II Fashion show back in 2015. It's super easy to do--- All I had to do was find beige articles of clothing in my closet. I threw them all together and this is what I came up with. (Yup, another lazy girl hack!)

If I wore the dress on its own, it would've looked like I was going to the club. I wore a vest over it to look more classy.

Since my outfit was simple, I made sure to keep my make up dark. My plum colored lips definitely stand out from a neutral look.

Suzy Dress
Hip Culture Vest
Charles and Keith Heels

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