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My family trip to Bohol

As we get older, we appreciate more the time spent with family. Every Sunday used to be reserved for my mom's side. No matter how busy our schedules were, we were mandated to have lunch at my grandmother's house. Nothing in this world made her happier than seeing everyone together. She looked forward to cooking for us and asking about how our week went. It was a tradition for the past decade. Before I knew it, all the kids grew up and started having their own lives. It would be rare to see complete attendance during lunch. Now our weekly lunches have turned into a once in a blue moon kind-of-event but since my mom's sister, Jackie, was visiting from Canada. It was a reason to bring back Sunday lunch plus a short vacation in Bohol.

Where To Stay
Since we were planning to spend most of our time relaxing, we wanted a resort that had comfortable spacious rooms and it had to be right by the beach. The Bellevue Bohol was just what we had in mind. It's further from the main establishments on the island which gives more privacy. 

Beach front

Deluxe Room (Good for 4)

One-Piece from Soak Swimwear

View from the restaurant deck 

Bikini from Blackbough Swim

Where To Eat
The Bellevue serves international cuisine. You can choose from their extensive menu that has Chinese, Italian, American, and of course, Filipino dishes. Aside from the resort, be sure to visit Bohol Bee Farm. It's my FAVORITE restaurant on the island. Toby and I discovered the place two years ago. They only use organic ingredients and they practice farm-to-table. (They grow everything they serve in their own farm!) I loved it so much that I made sure to come back and bring my family with me.


Seafood and Meat Plater (Good for sharing)

Bohol Bee Farm is also a bed and breakfast. They have a few rooms for those who want to stay there.

What To Do
Bohol's main source of income is tourism. They're the third most visited island in the Philippines next to Boracay and Palawan. As soon as you arrive in the airport, people will approach you asking if you're interested to join one of their tours.

Island Hopping Tour
The tour starts at 5 am to go dolphin watching. Sadly for us, we weren't able to see any. We waited until around 8 am but the dolphins were hiding. We proceeded to the next on our agenda instead, Balicasag Island. This island is a popular diving spot because of the corals and turtles. Then our last stop was Virgin Island which is a sandbar.

Here I am feeding the fish so they come near me

Spotted a turtle

Virgin Island

City Tour
In one day, you can go around all the historical sites in Bohol such as the Blood Compact Site, the famous Chocolate Hills, the Locboc River, and many more. (See photos below for the rest!) I've actually done this tour already five times in my life. I think it's safe to say, I practically memorize the tour guide's lines. It's a good tour to go on if you have guests visiting the Philippines for the first time. You'll definitely learn a lot.

Loboc River Cruise
Part of the cruise is a delicious buffet lunch while listening to a live band. 

Everyone felt like dancing!

Man Made Forest

Tarsier Conservation
Tarsiers are endangered species. They are only found in some countries namely: Malaysia, Indonesia,  Australia and the Philippines. Due to deforestation, many of them have lost their habitats and they're family members. We are lucky that there are conservations that protect these tiny primates from the scary world out there. 

Butterfly Garden

Chocolate Hills


  1. I'm gonna try in Bellevue when I come there. I love your confidence wearing your bikinis. I am a fan of a girl full of confidence. kasi wala ako non. . . Keep on inspiring. Hope you upload photos of your family lunch too including your lola.

  2. I was in Bellevue last month! Unfortunately I wasn't able to go on a city tour! But Bellevue bohol is so nice noh? I loved my stay there! <3

    xo, Wandering Ella